My research interests

My research interests includes Wireless Sensor Networks, Cyber-physical Systems, Participatory Sensing, Wild Animal Monitoring using Wireless Sensors, Low-power Embedded Devices, Energy Harvesting.

Information about my PhD thesis

My PhD thesis subject is Object monitoring using low power consumption embedded devices and heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. My thesis advisor is Leo Selavo, Ph.D. in Computer Science, Professor, Dept. of CS, Univ. of Latvia.

The thesis will be defended at the public session of Doctoral Committee of Computer Science, University of Latvia, at 15:00 on August 31, 2015 Riga, Raiņa blvd. 29-413. See announcement (in Latvian).

More information about thesis in English and Latvian available here (including thesis and it's Latvian and English summary in downloadable format).




Citations and H-index by Google can be found here.

Additional information

More information about current research goals and projects in my DiLab page.

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